Clothilde is a minor character in Beauty and the Beast, who is revealed to be Cogsworth's wife.

She is a shrewish woman in Villeneuve. She destroyed Belle's washing machine alongside the other villagers, in order to punish Belle for teaching a little girl to read. Clothilde is an entirely new character like Jean and Père Robert. She serves as Gaston's right-hand woman in the castle invasion, often bossing the other villagers around, as LeFou is busy undergoing a change of heart. During the fight, when Cadenza plays music while fighting, she orders the villagers to "Silence that harpsichord!".

Clothilde is very shrewish, bossy, and downright rude during most of the film but she does show a sweeter side at the end; when she reunites with her husband, she is completely thrilled to be back with him. Also the last we see her dancing with him, she is shown smiling and enjoying herself with him. She is relatively unhappy throughout most of the film. The few times she does smile is when she is back with her husband. When she smiles, Clothilde is completely thrilled to see her husband again, saying "I've been so lonely!". Also she is shown smiling during the finale dance.

Behind the scenes

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