Monsieur Jean is a middle-aged villager who is friendly to Belle. Because of the Enchantress' curse on the Beast's castle, Jean's memories of Beast and his servants, along with the memories of the rest of the villagerswas erased, making him forget his wife and son. He lives alone in the village as a potter.

Jean is first seen in the village asking Belle about where she's headed, and responds that the book she has read sounds boring after she tells him what it's about.

Jean is then later seen in the tavern when LeFou is trying to cheer up Gaston after Belle rejected his proposal. He witnesses Maurice's claims about Beast, and like the rest of the town, believes him to be crazy.

Jean is one of the villagers who participates in the attack on Beast's castle. It is there, after the curse is lifted, that his memory is restored and he is reunited with his wife and son.

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