Mrs. Potts
Mrs Potts
Biographical Information
Full name Mrs Potts
Age Possibly 40s (human form)
Eye color Blue (human form)
Hair color Blonde (human form)
Hometown France
Occupation Servant
Nickname Mrs Potts
Relationship Information
Family Chip (son)
Friends Beast (master)

LeFou (savior at end)

Enemies Gaston
Other Information
Talent(s) Cleaning
Strengths Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown

Mrs. Potts is a major character in the 2017 film adaption of Beauty and the Beast. She is voiced and portrayed by Emma Thompson.

Mrs. Potts has a husband in this version, a potter named Jean, who had forgotten about her and Chip as a result of the curse.




Role in the Film

Mrs. Potts is one of Beast's servants who was transformed into a teapot when under the curse. She has a son named Chip, who was transformed into a teacup. During the spell, her husband forgot about her because the Enchantress locked the Villager's memories about the castle, but once the curse was broken, their memories returned, and Mrs. Potts was reunited with her husband.


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